Israel needs YOUR help to strengthen the National resilience. Now more than ever.

Every donation, no matter what the amount, helps Israelis ensure their preparedness at work or home.

All the donations which coming from our site are tax deductible.

To send contributions directly online:

To send contributions by check:

Make your tax deductible checks out to: "Central Fund of Israel"
and Marked - For: "Magen Yehuda" on the comments line of the check
and send to either of the addresses below.

USA Office:
Central Fund of Israel
c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles
980 6th Ave.
New York, NY 10018
attn: Arthur Marcus

Israel Office:
Magen Yehuda
15 Hatzivoni St.
Shaarei Tikva 4481000,Israel
attn: Tzur Meier

To donate in israel by check, please forward your contribution to:

Magen Yehuda

15 Hatzivoni St.
Shaarei Tikva 4481000

Or Contact Tzur Meier at:
Tel: (+972) (0)7378-7378-0
Cell:(+972) (0)54-219-219-7