Equipment & Training


Tactical Equipment:

Magen Yehuda employs the highest level of cutting edge equipment in our training including paintball, airsoft and real combat tactical equipment. The first responders also need protective body gear including bullet-proof vests, knee and elbow pads, tactical vests, specialized scopes, hydration packs and more. Our goal is to make sure that our teams have averything they need to do their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible.


Specialized "Closed Quarters" Training:

Magen Yehuda works in full cooperation with the IDF who helps us with training facilities that only certain elite forces of the IDF use. Because our specialized training requires "real-life" situations, we must use facilities that can facilitate this kind of training.

"Closed Quarters Combat" training is highly dangerous if not handled professionally and therefore Magen Yehuda invests a tremendous amount of time into our trainees to make sure they are "ready, willing & able" to train in these types of facilities. Only when our instructors (who have tremendous amounts of experience in elite IDF forces) are 100% comfortable with a team's level of tactical and comunicative skills do they allow them to train in these specialized facilities where every decision that happens literally within seconds is a matter of life and death to everyone on the team!


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