About Magen Yehuda

During the last two decades, we are witnessing to new security reality in Israel. While the army loyal to its mission and keeps the borders of the State of Israel, a fighting inside the Israelis cities as began. If in the past it was only the army that fought against the armies of enemies, now it is the civilians that finding themselves in the fighting. So, how citizens can deal with the armed and trained terrorist groups?
Well, this is where Magen Yehuda and the 8,000 volunteers of the First Response Teams are comes into the picture.

Magen Yehuda is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers to trains first response teams throughout Israel. It is an un political organization that acting with full cooperation with the IDF.

Established in 2004, Magen Yehuda was created by a group of people who are dedicated to the security of Israel's citizens. At that time we identified that there was a growing need for a security solution in the many small towns throughout Israel being targeted by terrorists.  It became clear that the objective of the terrorists had changed; no longer were they trying to simply take hostages their goal became killing as many people as they can as quickly as possible.  In these days as we all witnesses this is more relevant than ever.

Because of these circumstances there became a need to organize quick response teams in local towns who could react within minutes of an infiltration into a town. These teams are comprised of local residents who know the area and who can respond immediately to any threat.
These units were formed and are supported by the Israeli Defense Forces and were given basic equipment and weapons by the Army.
Yet due to lack of funds the Army provides them with only one or two training days  in a year which is simply not enogh for these response teams to react to the many difficult situations that they encounter on almost a daily basis.
Community first responders have become a crucial element in containing potential attacks, but the lack of appropriate training can cost lives.

Due to The security situation here in Israel the demand for professional training is increasing every day so it is imperative that you support us with your generous donation so that we can help the communities who need it most! 





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