Communities Served

Magen Yehuda provides a broad spectrum of training all over Israel.

We are constantly assessing the security situation in Israel, and designing new training programs to meet the needs of residents. We are currently offering courses to Tactical Response Teams in the North of Israel, Tactical Response Teams near the Southern border, Tactical Response Teams and civilians in Judea and Samaria, school teachers throughout Israel, Hitchhiker safety course, Women's self defense course, and family protection courses.

Magen Yehuda offers various training packages to our clients. The basic level is to provide training for the First Response Team. We also offer training for the the local security chief of each town. The full security package includes the training of the First Response Team, Security Chief,  Tzachi (community volunteer corps), and the civilian population. We train each element to perform their specific tasks and integrate them into a cohesive security plan.

Below are some of the communities we have serviced in the past. There are several more that have requested our services whihc we will takew care of as funds become available.


Kibbutz Kerem Shalom


Kibbutz Bar Am




Alon Shvut




Magen Dovid Edom (Israel Paramedics)






Kibbutz Yiron


Moshav Dovav


Moshav Avivim


Kibbutz Nachal Oz


Kibbutz Saad


Otniel (Hebron hills)


Sade Bar




Neve Daniel

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