"Thank you for your email and the photos; I’m proud and happy to be able to help the residents protect their communities against terrorists."

- Doctor Bob


"Many years ago G-d gave me an intense love for Israel and His chosen people.   A few years ago I began looking for a way to directly bless Israel and found a way to do so, but for several reasons, began looking for an alternative.  I recently saw an advertisement on “Arutz Sheva” for “Magen Yahuda” and thought perhaps I had found an answer to my prayers.  Imagine my surprise when I opened your web page and there was a fellow holding an M-16!

You see, I served thirty-three years in the United States Border Patrol, fifteen of which were as a Firearms Instructor at the Border Patrol Academy. (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center)

Like you, I have a great passion for training the good guys (and gals) to win gun fights, and would still be doing so were I not advanced in years.

I certainly wish that I could send more, but at least I can send some on a monthly basis.

Thank you for your “Shalom.”  I used to think it just meant “Peace,” but I have come to learn that it means much more."

- Kent Williams (US Border Patrol - retired)

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