Letters from the IDF

Below, please find letters from the IDF petaining to the specail courses given to heads of first response teams. One letter


Reuven ben Chaim (Commander of Training school for community security) setting up training dates in cooperation with Magen Yehuda.


Gil Barak (Commander of Central Training Facility) thanks Magen Yehuda for the support in conducting courses For First Response Teams instructors. A good example of collaboration between the IDFand the civilians ito improve security.


Reuven Ben Chaim thanks Magen Yehuda and expresses the importance of the training for the first response teams especially since the first responders are on the front lines facing terror threats on a regualr basis.


Reuven ben Chaim thanks Magen yehuda for the professional instruction given to the first response team of Alon Shvut and hopes that this training will be an example for the future of the synergy between the IDF and the residents in the area under their responsibility..



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